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Project Description
This web part enables users to change ADAM (Active Directory Application Mode) password from within a SharePoint Site Collection. It is compatible with Windows SharePoint Services v3 and the Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 as well.

System Requirement
- FrameWork 2.0/3.5
- MOSS 2007 or WSS 3.0
- ADAM (

Usage Instruction
  • Add following in your web.config under <appSettings>
    • <add key="AdamServerName" value="Your Server Name" />
    • <add key="AdamSource" value="Your ADAM Connection String" />
    • Your ADAM Connection String contain “;OU=ADAM Users,O=ADAM,C=US”.
  • Make sure LDAP bind value of each user should have value in following attribute, otherwise ADAM wont allow you the change password
    • distinguishedName
    • displayName
    • userPrincipalName
distinguishedName is the only attribute set by default, but you should know this name format. To bind with one of the other attributes, you must set the value. Also, make sure those values are unique, a duplicate will cause both users with the duplicate to fail.
Note This web part doesn't work without adding the user to group/role. By using ADAM ADSI Edit you need to add the user to ADAM groups (Administrators, Users, Readers) which is available under CN=Roles node. To add a user to Administrator/Users group, first get the distinguished name (distinguishedName) of the user from properties window. Now move to the CN=Roles node and click on any roles/group you want the user to add. Bring the properties window of the role and find the member property and click. now click the Add ADAM account and paste the distinguished name.

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